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Karen Kinsel Silcox, PhD

Child Development and Social and Emotional Learning Specialist

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With over 20 years experience working with children and families in many different settings, Karen has the knowledge, education, and experience to help you in a variety of ways.  She took her first psychology class in high school and has been passionate about human development, learning, and how the brain and body work together ever since.  She graduated from Peabody College at Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Elementary Education.  After 6 years of teaching middle school and working as a Child Life Assistant, she went to University of Texas to earn a Masters and PhD in Human Development and Family Sciences, with a specialty in Child Development and Social and Emotional Learning.  

Upon graduating, she taught undergraduate courses related to children and families and worked as a master teacher at the University of Texas child and family play-based laboratory school. With all of those experiences, she decided to start a parent coaching and consulting company to provide knowledge and services to parents, families, children, teachers, and school districts. She is on this parenting journey with you and learns new information daily from both child development resources and her own children who are in high school, middle school, and elementary school.  

She has been working with children and families in a variety of settings for over 20 years. She was a classroom teacher, a Child Life Assistant, a college instructor, a master preschool teacher, an SEL Consultant, and Parent Coach.

She believes in giving people knowledge and tools, in maintaining a positive mindset, and building relationships with a purpose. When you work with her, you should expect a collaboration with transparency and consistency free of judgement.

Want to learn more? Contact her today for an initial consultation for phone or remote parent coaching, presentations for any kind of group, or independent consulting with schools or districts. 

She looks forward to working with you.



Theory into Practice

Presentations---Parent Coaching—-Educational Consulting

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I am hosting online individual and small group Virtual Parent Coaching Sessions. 

 Have a group of friends or some other group you want to get together for a Q & A, need to ask some questions or want help make some adjustments in a one-on-one session? 
If you are interested in personal parent coaching or small group parent sessions, please contact me to set up Zoom sessions to meet those needs.

You can also follow me on fb where I frequently post articles, blogs, quotes, inspirations, and tips to help you implement a positive whole child perspective and hopefully make your journey a little easier.

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Guest and Keynote Speaker

As a former teacher and college instructor I have a passion for sharing knowledge and information about Child Development, Positive Parenting, Play Based Learning, Whole Child Approaches and a variety of topics related to Social and Emotional Learning. I would love speak to your group with a dynamic, entertaining, and informational approach to understanding research based information with real world experience. I tailor presentations to a small bookclub of friends, a group of teachers, a large corporate meeting, or anything in between.  Virtual meetings and some in person presentations are available.

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Parent Coaching

A Comprehensive Approach

Currently, I offer parent coaching by phone or virtually.  I focus on a strengths based approach to meet the specific needs and concerns of each family. Maybe you want to learn a little more about child development in a few sessions, you have a particular issue you want help working though, or you want to set a regular appointment.  I can work collaboratively with individuals or couples to help you find the strengths in you and your family and the areas where some guidance may help. Contact me to find out how I can help you meet your goals.  Due to the current physical distancing circumstances, I am happy to offer phone and virtual parent coaching.   Perhaps a group of your friends or colleagues are already having a virtual meeting.  I’m happy to coordinate to offer some advice and insight.

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Educational Consulting

A Whole Child Approach

I provide preschools, public schools, private schools, home school groups, and school districts with a wide variety of services including SEL program evaluation, curriculum development, teacher trainings, continuing education hours, and parent workshops. I am open to working with your school or your school district on the aspects that best fit your needs to incorporating a whole child, play based, and SEL minded approach to learning and development.  I am a certified teacher and my education and experiences allows me to provide a research based practical approach.  With the new expectations for online and distance learning in most places, I would love to offer assistance in possibilities to start or continue whole child and/or SEL resources for your school or school district.  These services can be contracted by project or hourly, so contact me to discuss possibilities.

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"The more I think and plan for shifting and putting your advice into practice, the more profound it is.  You are so wise and we appreciate you considering each of our experiences and giving us such insight!  You have a gift for deep understanding of people and our relationships and we appreciate you.”

Shannon McAfee, Parent Coaching Client

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